Health insurance fraud detection

For an industry in which 10 per cent of expenditures are suspected of being fraudulent, detecting suspicious activity is paramount. AI has emerged as the most effective way to spot fraudulent claims. By analyzing large datasets of historical claims, MLaaS rapidly identifies anomalies and patterns, revealing fraudulent activity and allowing for quick recovery efforts.

HIV resistivity

MLaaS has analyzed SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) data from a group of people in Africa who have demonstrated resistance to HIV. Researchers used MLaaS to run experiments, identify patterns within genetic data and gain insights into the patients’ HIV resistivity.

Inventory management optimization

Inventory management in most factories is still not automated due to the “last mile” challenges of visual recognition and labelling requirements from multiple suppliers.

Currently, many manufacturers are forced to use inefficient inventory management methods for their tools. Labels are read manually, checked for proper protocol and cross-checked to ensure the label matches the tool, taking as much as 10 minutes to account for a single item.

MLaaS offers a streamlined, automated solution to the classification process, delivering results in seconds, with a higher accuracy rate than those of human operators. If needed, Sightline can even integrate with a manufacturer’s current inventory system to make the process even more seamless.

Logistics and supply chain optimization

Logistics and supply chain networks generate vast amounts of data, making them perfect subjects for the application of AI. MLaaS delivers significant optimization capabilities for logistics and supply chain processes, ensuring distribution hubs and workflows are designed for maximum efficiency.

Defence and security

MLaaS was employed in the analysis and classification of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), substances that not only pose a danger to human health and the environment, but can also be used as a weapon in terrorist attacks. MLaaS processed large microarray datasets of VOCs and produced unprecedented results in terms of speed, accuracy and precision.

Infectious disease analysis

Sightline used MLaaS to analyze genomic and transcriptomic clinical data collected from a cohort of disease-resistant and disease-carrying patients and their kin. MLaaS delivered data management and interpretive reporting that is user-friendly and visually dynamic to draw insights on disease resistivity from medical data.

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